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About WEKA documentation

This portal contains all the documentation necessary for understanding and working with the WEKA system. It covers the following topics:

WEKA system overview: A review of the primary components, principles, and entities of every WEKA system.

Getting started with WEKA: A short guide on using the WEKA system, configuring a WEKA filesystem, and conducting tests to validate the system configuration.

Planning and installation: A detailed description of bare metal and AWS installation of the WEKA system until it is ready for operation.

Performance: A description and results of the FIO performance tests on the WEKA filesystem.

WEKA filesystems & object stores: A review of the role and management of filesystems, object stores, filesystem groups, and key-management systems in WEKA system configurations.

Additional protocols: Review other supported protocols, including NFS, SMB, and S3, for accessing data stored in a WEKA filesystem.

Operation guide: Description of various operations in the WEKA system, such as events, statistics, user management, upgrading, and more.

Billing & licensing: Presentation of WEKA system licensing and billing alternatives.

WEKA support: Provides information on getting support for the WEKA system.

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