Classic license

This page describes how to obtain a classic WEKA license (payment for a predetermined period of time) and apply it to the WEKA cluster.

A classic license is a text element you create in for your specific WEKA cluster and then apply the license text to your WEKA cluster.

Obtain a classic license from

Before you begin

  • To create a classic license in, you need a WEKA account. If you already have a WEKA account, skip this step. If not, see instructions in Register to

  • Obtain the cluster GUID and capacity from your system and keep it for later use. Run the command weka cluster license. The command provides an output of all the information required for creating your license. Output example

# weka cluster license 
Licensing status: Unlicensed

Your cluster is currently unlicensed. Please go to to get a license
or enroll in a subscription.

When asked, you'll need the following details to create your license:

    Cluster GUID          : bbb6639d-3eaa-483b-b532-31a560d5859d
    Raw Drive Capacity    : 11399 GB
    Usable Capacity       : 0 GB
    Object-store Capacity : 0 GB

If you already have a license, please enter it by running

    weka cluster license set <license-key>


  1. Sign in to

  2. Obtain an entitlement: Once you have a WEKA account, the Customer Success Team applies an entitlement to the account. You can view the outstanding entitlements on the account dashboard.

3. In the Outstanding Entitlements pane, select Create a license.

4. In the subsequent pane, select the line containing the entitlement for which a license is created and then select Create a license.

4. In the Create License dialog, fill in the cluster GUID and capacities that you have obtained (as part of the Before you begin section above) and select Create License.

If you plan a cluster expansion for the future, you can fill in capacities larger than those appearing in the Weka cluster license.

The licenses' capacities represent the limits to which it is possible to expand the cluster and do not have to match the actual usage.

Apply the license to the cluster

After creating the license, apply the license to the cluster.


  1. In the Licenses tab in, select the three dots to the right of the license details and then select Show License Text.

2. In the License Text dialog that opens, select copy to clipboard.

3. On the Weka cluster, run the following command:

weka cluster license set <license-key>

Instead of the <license-key> in the command line, paste the license copied to the clipboard.

The license is assigned to the cluster.

Reuse an existing license on a new cluster

When installing a new cluster, it is assigned with a new GUID. You can reuse an existing license for the newly-installed cluster.


  1. In the Licenses tab in, select the three dots to the right of the license details and then select Change Cluster GUID.

2. Set the new cluster GUID and select Save Changes.

3. Apply the license with the updated GUID. See Apply the license to the cluster.