Local WEKA Home overview

Local WEKA Home is a private instance of WEKA Home deployed with a WEKA cluster in a private network.

In scenarios where a customer lacks connectivity to the public instance of WEKA Home, such as when the WEKA cluster is deployed in a dark site or VPC, WEKA offers the option to deploy a Local WEKA Home. This is a private instance of WEKA Home, hosted on a management server or VM, designed to meet your specific needs.

Key functions of Local WEKA Home

The Local WEKA Home serves the following key functions:

  • Event management: It receives events from the WEKA cluster, stores them locally, and allows event querying and filtering.

  • Multi-cluster monitoring: It allows you to monitor multiple clusters within your organization.

  • Cluster overview: The Local WEKA Home displays a comprehensive overview of your clusters and allows you to drill down into cluster telemetry data.

  • Alerting: It triggers specific alerts based on predefined rules and supports integrated delivery methods, including Email (SMTP), SNMP, and PagerDuty.

  • Diagnostics support: The Local WEKA Home receives support files (diagnostics) from the WEKA cluster, stores them, and makes them accessible for remote viewing by the Customer Success Team.

  • Usage and performance insights: It receives usage, analytics, and performance statistics from the WEKA cluster, stores, displays, and enables querying and filtering this data.

Key features and capabilities

Local WEKA Home offers the following features and capabilities, categorized as follows:

Monitoring and insight features

  • Cluster Insights: Monitor and report on multiple clusters within your organization.

  • Statistics: Display various cluster-wide statistics and health status information.

  • Event Data: Access offline event data and associated details.

  • Diagnostics: Access diagnostics, including event logs, syslog files, trace files, and container information.

  • Usage reports: Download JSON-formatted Usage Reports and Analytics for analysis and support, including anonymized versions for data security.

Alerting and integrations

  • Custom rules: Create custom rules for specific events and alerts and route them to predefined integrations.

  • Custom integrations: Create destinations where you want alerts and events defined in the Rules page to be sent. These can be Email, PagerDuty, and SNMP Traps.

Security and compliance controls

  • Audit information: View a list of audited activities.

  • Admin privileges: Apply admin privileges for cluster management and maintenance.

  • User management: Manage users, groups, and access permissions.

Supportability and data management

  • Data forwarding: Forward data from the Local WEKA Home to the cloud WEKA Home for enhanced support and monitoring by the Customer Success Team.

  • REST API: Use the RESTful API for automation and integration with your workflows and monitoring systems.

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