Manage background tasks using the CLI

Using the CLI, you can:

View active background tasks

You can view the active background tasks' status, progress, and description.‌

Command: weka cluster task

This command is used for viewing all active background tasks.


# weka cluster task
Type       | State   | Progress | Description
OBS_DETACH | RUNNING | 94       | Detaching Object Storage `obs_1` from filesystem `default`

‌Limit background task resources

It is possible to limit the resources being used by background tasks.

The configured limit affects external tasks and internal low-priority asynchronous operations.‌

Command: weka cluster task limits

This command is used to view the defined limits.

Command: weka cluster task limits set [--cpu-limit cpu-limit]

This command is used to update the CPU limit.

Pause/Resume/Abort a background task

If there are other background tasks or activities that are of higher priority, you can pause and later resume the background task, or abort it.

Command: weka cluster task pause / resume / abort <task-id>

This command is used to pause, resume, or abort a specific task process. The abort subcommand is not applicable when downloading a filesystem or a snapshot. Instead, delete them directly.

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