Manage events using the CLI

This page describes how to manage events using the CLI.

With the CLI, you can:

View events

Command: weka events

Use the following command line to list events in the Weka cluster:

weka events [--num-results num-results] [--start-time <start-time>] [--end-time <end-time>] [--severity severity] [--direction direction] [--fetch-order fetch-order] [--type-list type-list] [--exclude-type-list exclude-type-list] [--category-list category-list] [--cloud-time] [--show-internal] [--raw-units] [--UTC]


View events of a specific container

Command: weka events list-local

Use the following command line to list recent events on the specific container running the command from.

This command is helpful for the following cases:

  • No connectivity to the central monitoring site

  • No connectivity from a specific container

  • Containers that are not part of the cluster

weka events list-local [--start-time <start-time>] [--end-time <end-time>] [--next next] [--stem-mode] [--show-internal] [--raw-units] [--UTC]


Trigger a custom event

Command: weka events trigger-event

It can be useful to mark specific activities, maintenance work, or important changes/new usage of the system, and see that as part of the system events timeline.

To trigger a custom event, use weka events trigger-event <text>

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