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Welcome to the WEKA Documentation Portal, your guide to the latest WEKA version. Whether you're a newcomer or a seasoned user, explore topics from system fundamentals to advanced optimization strategies. Choose your WEKA version from the top menu for version-specific documentation.

Important: This documentation applies to the WEKA system's latest minor version (4.3.X). For information on new features and supported prerequisites released with each minor version, refer to the relevant release notes available at get.weka.io.

Check the release notes for details about any updates or changes accompanying the latest releases.

About WEKA documentation

This portal encompasses all documentation essential for comprehending and operating the WEKA system. It covers a range of topics:

WEKA system overview: Delve into the fundamental components, principles, and entities constituting the WEKA system.

Planning and installation: Discover prerequisites, compatibility details, and installation procedures for WEKA clusters on bare metal, AWS, GCP, and Azure environments.

Getting started with WEKA: Initiate your WEKA journey by learning the basics of managing a WEKA filesystem through the GUI and CLI, executing initial IOs, and exploring the WEKA REST API.

Performance: Explore the results of FIO performance tests on the WEKA filesystem, ensuring optimal system performance.

WEKA filesystems & object stores: Understand the role and management of filesystems, object stores, filesystem groups, and key-management systems within WEKA configurations.

Additional protocols: Learn about the supported protocols—NFS, SMB, and S3—for accessing data stored in a WEKA filesystem.

Operation guide: Navigate through various WEKA system operations, including events, statistics, user management, upgrades, expansion, and more.

Billing & licensing: Gain insights into WEKA system licensing options and alternative billing approaches.

Monitor the WEKA cluster: Effectively monitor your WEKA cluster by deploying the WEKA Management Server (WMS) alongside tools like Local WEKA Home, WEKAmon, and SnapTool.

WEKA support: Find guidance on obtaining support for the WEKA system and effectively managing diagnostics.

Best practice guides: Explore our carefully selected best practice guides, starting with WEKA and Slurm integration, to discover expert-recommended strategies and insights for optimizing your WEKA system and achieving peak performance in various scenarios.

For maintenance and troubleshooting articles, search the WEKA Knowledge Base in the WEKA support portal or contact the Customer Success Team.


Documentation feedback

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