WekaIO Documentation

Welcome to the WekaIO documentation portal.

About this Documentation

This portal contains all the documentation necessary for understanding and working with the WekaIO system. It covers the following subjects:

WekaIO System Overview: A review of the primary components, principles, and entities that form every WekaIO system.

WekaIO System Planning, Installation, and Resource Management: A detailed description of bare metal and AWS installation of the WekaIO system, up to a point it is ready for operation.

Getting Started with WekaIO: A short guide of how to use the WekaIO system, configure a WekaFS filesystem and conducting tests to understand the system is configured correctly.

Performance: A description and results of the FIO performance tests on WekaFS.

WekaFS Filesystems in the WekaIO System: A review of the role and management of filesystems, object stores, filesystem groups, and key-management systems in WekaIO system configurations.

Additional Protocols: A review of additional protocols support as NFS and SMB for accessing data stored in a WekaFS filesystem.

WekaIO System Operation Guide: Description of various operations in the WekaIO system, including events, the use of statistics, user management, upgrading, etc.

WekaIO System Billing and Licensing: Presentation of the alternatives for WekaIO system licensing and billing.

WekaIO Support: Provides information on getting support for the WekaIO System.

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