you can use the following basic commands to check the status and debug the service:

# get all resources
kubectl get all --all-namespaces

# get all pods
kubectl get pods --all-namespaces -o wide

# get all k8s nodes
kubectl get nodes

# get storage classes
$ kubectl get sc

# get persistent volume claims 
$ kubectl get pvc

# get persistent volumes
$ kubectl get pv

# kubectl describe pod/<pod-name> -n <namespace> 
kubectl describe pod/csi-wekafsplugin-dvdh2 -n csi-wekafsplugin

# get logs from a pod
kubectl logs <pod name> <container name>

# get logs from the weka csi plugin
# container (-c) can be one of: [node-driver-registrar wekafs liveness-probe csi-provisioner csi-attacher csi-resizer]
kubectl logs pods/csi-wekafsplugin-<ID> --namespace csi-wekafsplugin -c wekafs

Known issues

Mixed hugepages size issue in Kubernetes v1.18 and below

Due to a Kubernetes v1.18 issue with allocating mixed hugepages sizes, the WEKA cluster must not allocate mixed sizes of hugepages on the Kubernetes nodes.


Only if the default memory for the client is increased, do one of the following:

  • If the WEKA client is installed on the K8s nodes by a manual stateless client mount, set the reserve_1g_hugepages mount option to false in the mount command.

  • If this is a WEKA server or a WEKA client part of the WEKA cluster, contact the Customer Success Team.

Advanced examples and detailed instructions are also available at