S3 supported APIs and limitations

This page describes limitations concerning the S3 service and protocol implementation.

Supported S3 APIs

The following standard S3 APIs are supported:
  • Bucket (HEAD/GET/PUT/DEL) Including ListObjects and ListObjectsV2
  • Bucket Lifecycle (GET/PUT/DEL)
  • Bucket Policy (GET/PUT/DEL)
  • Bucket Tagging (GET/PUT/DEL)
  • Object (GET/PUT/DEL)
  • Object Tagging (GET/PUT/DEL)
  • Object Multiparts (POST Create/Complete, GET/DEL/PUT, GET Parts)

General limits

Maximum number of buckets
Maximum object size
5 TiB
Maximum number of parts per upload
Part numbers
1 to 10000 (inclusive)
Part size
5 MiB to 5 GiB. The last part can be < 5 MiB
Maximum number of parts returned for a list parts request
Maximum number of multipart uploads returned in a list multipart uploads request
User-defined metadata per object

Naming limitations


  • Bucket names must be between 3 and 63 characters long.
  • Bucket names can consist only of lowercase letters, numbers, dots (.), and hyphens (-).
  • Bucket names must begin and end with a letter or number.
  • Bucket names must not be formatted as an IP address (for example,
  • Must be unique within the filesystem


  • Object key names must be up to 1024 characters long.
  • The prefix / of an object is interpreted as a directory, and such directory segments are limited to 255 characters.
  • See AWS S3 object name limitations. Match them to limitations in other protocols.
Note: It is recommended to avoid special characters that might be unsupported using protocols other than S3.

Policy limitations

Supported S3 policy actions

The S3 protocol implementation supports the following policy actions:
  • s3:* Note: this wildcard is supported for IAM policies but not for bucket policies
  • s3:AbortMultipartUpload
  • s3:CreateBucket
  • s3:DeleteBucket
  • s3:DeleteBucketPolicy
  • s3:DeleteObject
  • s3:GetBucketLocation
  • s3:GetLifecycleConfiguration
  • s3:PutLifecycleConfiguration
  • s3:ListBucketMultipartUploads
  • s3:ListMultipartUploadParts
  • s3:GetBucketPolicy
  • s3:GetObject
  • s3:ListAllMyBuckets
  • s3:ListBucket
  • s3:PutBucketPolicy
  • s3:PutObject
  • s3:GetBucketTagging
  • s3:PutBucketTagging

Lifecycle configuration

Weka supports the AWS S3 Lifecycle Configuration elements and definitions, with the limitation of only supporting the lifecycle Expiration action.