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  • Initial support for ARM, specifically for ARM-based EC2 instances in AWS. To reflect the instruction set architecture of hosts in a cluster, APIs, and commands like the Weka cluster server list now contain an architecture column.

  • Synchronized snapshots have been re-enabled.

  • A new --client-only flag in the weka version get and weka version set commands. When used, this flag ensures that only components necessary for stateless clients are considered for installation.

  • Discontinued support for Intel processor families SandyBridge (2011) and IvyBridge (2012).

  • Discontinued support for the legacy NFS stack in 4.3.0. If legacy NFS is enabled, upgrading to 4.3.0 will fail.

  • weka alerts command output update The muted column is removed from the weka alerts command output unless --muted or -v is provided.

  • weka nfs interface-group add command update The manage-gids parameter, which was always set to true, has been eliminated from the weka nfs interface-group add command and associated API.

  • weka fs tier s3 command output update The following columns have been removed from the weka fs tier s3 command output: NODES UP, NODES DOWN, and NODES UNKNOWN. Instead, more detailed columns have been added in the verbose output (using -v).

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