Auto-scale virtual machines in Azure

WEKA provides a resize API to scale up or down the cluster. You must use only this API to resize the cluster. Do not use any other option for resizing.

The cluster name prefix, resource group name, and Azure subscription id appear in the Resize cluster section of the Cluster help commands output.


  1. Get the resize API (function-app). Run the command:

function_key=$(az functionapp keys list --name <cluster name prefix>-function-app --resource-group <resource group name> --subscription <Azure subscription id> --query functionKeys -o tsv)
  1. Resize the cluster. Enter the value of the required number of virtual machines instead of ENTER_NEW_VALUE_HERE (the minimum value is 6), and run the command:

curl --fail https://<cluster name prefix>$function_key -H "Content-Type:application/json" -d '{"value":ENTER_NEW_VALUE_HERE}'
  1. Track the resize progress using the commands provided in the Check the deployment progress section.

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