Deployment on AWS using Terraform

This step-by-step procedure ensures a seamless configuration of your network, customization of Terraform configurations, and successful deployment of the WEKA cluster on AWS.

Begin by creating a file, tailoring it to your deployment specifics on AWS. Once the is configured to your satisfaction, apply the changes.

Create a file

Before you begin

The Terraform must be installed on the workstation used for the deployment. Check the minimum required Terraform version specified the Requirements section of the Terraform-AWS-WEKA module.


  1. Review the Terraform-AWS-WEKA example and use it as a reference for creating the according to your deployment specifics on AWS.

  2. Tailor the file to create SMB-W or NFS protocol clusters by adding the relevant code snippet. Adjust parameters like the number of gateways, instance types, domain name, and share naming:

  • SMB-W

smb_protocol_gateways_number = 3
smb_protocol_gateway_instance_type = "c5.2xlarge" 
smbw_enabled = true
smb_domain_name = "CUSTOMER_DOMAIN"
smb_share_name = "SPECIFY_SMB_SHARE_NAMING"
smb_setup_protocol = true
  • NFS

nfs_protocol_gateways_number = 1
nfs_protocol_gateway_instance_type = "c5.2xlarge"
nfs_setup_protocol = true
  1. Add WEKA POSIX clients (optional): If needed, add WEKA POSIX clients to support your workload by incorporating the specified variables into the file:

clients_number = 2
client_instance_type = "c5.2xlarge"

Apply the file

Once you complete the settings, apply it: Run terraform apply

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