License overview

This page describes how licensing works in a WEKA cluster.

A license is a legal instrument governing the usage terms of the WEKA cluster. When a license is applied to a WEKA cluster, the cluster verifies the license validity by comparing the license properties and the actual cluster usage.

The license terms include the following properties:

  • Cluster GUID that is created during the installation

  • Expiry date (usage period)

  • Raw or usable hot-tier (SSD) capacity

  • Object store capacity

  • Data Efficiency Option (DEO) license (if provided)

Display the license status using the GUI

The WEKA cluster license page displays the license properties: license mode, expiry date, raw or usable drive capacity, and object store capacity.

The following example shows a classic license mode. The Pay As You Go (PAYG) license is deprecated and is no longer available to new customers.


  1. From the menu, select Configure > Cluster Settings.

  2. From the Cluster Settings pane, select License.

Display the license status using the CLI

You can display the license status using one of the following commands:

  • weka cluster license: Displays the license properties.

  • weka status: Displays the weka status, license status, and expiry date.

  • weka alerts: If no license is assigned to the cluster, the command displays a relevant alert.

Example: License status using the weka cluster license command

# weka cluster license
Licensing status: Classic

Current usage:
    1932 GB raw drive capacity
    963 GB usable capacity
    49 GB object-store capacity
    Disabled data reduction

Installed license:
    Valid from 2023-07-01T08:17:24Z
    Expires at 2023-07-31T08:17:24Z
    1932 GB raw drive capacity
    0 GB usable capacity
    1000000000000000 GB object-store capacity
    Enabled data reduction

Example: Display the license status using the weka status command

WekaIO v4.2.0 (CLI build 4.2.0)

       license: OK, valid thru 2023-07-19T09:22:34Z

Example: License status when the cluster does not have a valid license

# weka status
Weka v4.2.0 (CLI build 4.2.0)
       license: Unlicensed

Example: License status using the weka alerts command for a cluster without an assigned license

# weka alerts
No License Assigned
This cluster does not have a license assigned, please go to to obtain your license