Supported machine types and storage

Supported machine types for backends

The following table provides the supported machine types (VM instance) for backends (and clients) applied by the Terraform package:

Machine seriesMachine types


c2-standard-8, c2-standard-16

  • Each machine type supports 1, 2, 4, or 8 local SSD drives. Each drive has 375 GB (maximum 3 TB per instance). These drives are not individual SSDs but partitions locally to the physical server.

  • The data in a WEKA cluster is protected with N+2 or N+4. However, use snap-to-object if the data needs further protection from multiple server failures.

  • The C2 series may not be available in your chosen GCP region.

Supported machine types for clients

Support for WEKA client over UDP mode is extended to any Intel or AMD CPU-based virtual machine (VM) type using gVNIC or VirtIO, provided that the VM type meets the resource requirements specified in thePrerequisites and compatibility topic.

The following table provides the machine types supported for WEKA clients over VirtIO in DPDK mode.

Machine seriesMachine type


a2-highgpu-1g, a2-highgpu-2g, a2-highgpu-4g, a2-highgpu-8g, a2-megagpu-16g, a2-ultragpu-1g


c2-standard-8, c2-standard-16


c2d-standard-4, c2d-standard-8, c2d-standard-16, c2d-standard-32, c2d-standard-56, c2d-standard-112, c2d-highmem-56


e2-standard-4, e2-standard-8, e2-standard-16, e2-highmem-4, e2-highcpu-8


n2-standard-4, n2-standard-8, n2-standard-16, n2-standard-32, n2-standard-48, n2-standard-96, n2-standard-128


n2d-standard-32, n2d-standard-64, n2d-highmem-32, n2d-highmem-64, n2-highmem-32

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