Manage alerts using the CLI

This page describes how to manage alerts using the CLI.

Using the CLI, you can:

Display alert types

Command: weka alerts types

Use this command to list all possible types of alerts that the WEKA cluster can return.

Command:weka alerts describe

Use this command to describe all the alert types the WEKA cluster can return, along with possible corrective actions for each alert.

View alerts

Command: weka alerts

Use the following command line to list all alerts (muted and unmuted) in the WEKA cluster:

weka alerts [--muted]


Mute alerts

Command: weka alerts mute

Use the following command line to mute an alert type:

weka alerts mute <alert-type> <duration>

The system does not prompt muted alerts when listing active alerts. You must specify the duration in which the alert-type is muted. After the expiry of the specified duration, the system unmutes the alert-type automatically.


Unmute alerts

Command: weka alerts unmute

Use the following command line to unmute a muted alert-type:

weka alerts unmute <alert-type>


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